Network Security for Greater Toronto Area Businesses

Continued analysis of your infrastructure ensures that your technology and business are up and running at all times.

With the increasing number of online attacks, implementing a cybersecurity program is absolutely crucial for businesses. That’s why when you work with Horn IT, we will cover all aspects of your business IT. Our technicians will monitor your systems, optimize your network, and educate your team about the common schemes. Our economical solutions come with enterprise-grade programs so all threats are immediately quarantined upon detection.

Network Security Services by Horn IT include:

  • Awareness training so your team knows the best security practices
  • First-class cloud servers so your data remains backed up and protected
  • Inbox filtering software that automatically deletes spam and phishing messages
  • Antivirus software to prevent malicious programs from entering your system
  • Intrusion detection systems that alert you of unauthorized user access

Don’t put your reputation, profits, and data at risk by neglecting to secure your network.
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