Let Horn go Phishing – Are your users
security savvy?

  • Did you know that eighty-two thousand NEW malware threats are being released every day, and businesses (and their bank accounts) are the #1 target?
  • Did you know that a data breach exposing client or patient information can quickly escalate into serious damage to your reputation, fines, civil lawsuits and costly litigation?
  • Did you know that more often than not a breach happens on the inside? Your personnel are the likeliest threat to your security. Your team MUST know how to identify phishing schemes, fraudulent websites and virus scams, and stay regularly updated on the threats that are developing…

So how can you protect yourself? Don’t! Let us do it for you. Security monitoring from Horn IT ensures a 24/7 watchful eye on your systems.

Our team will optimize your network, and educate your team about the common schemes targeting your business.

Our economical solutions come with enterprise-level programs so all threats are immediately quarantined upon detection.


Let us perform a no obligation phishing test – a $900 value to find out how your team responds to suspicious activity.

To schedule your free phishing test, please call my office at 647-557-5109.

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Client Testimonial 01

"gives me peace of mind"

Horn IT was the IT firm managing our servers and firewalls when I came to Profound Medical, and in the years I have been working with them it gives me peace of mind knowing that if there is an issue with my equipment I have a skilled set of people.

Kalvin Stubbs,
Profound Medical

Client Testimonial 02

"extremely knowledgeable team members"

Over the last several years, Horn IT has consistently delivered a high level of service with extremely knowledgeable team members. They have shown a great level of professionalism while remaining personable, and clearly demonstrated their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Sonia Edmunds,
BDO Solutions