Meet The Team

At Horn, our team of technicians are YOUR team. All of our experts are at your fingertips, ready to provide fast, friendly customer service that exceeds your expectations. Get to know your I.T. Team.


Mary Moharrami

Service Desk Specialist

Mary bakes beautiful custom cakes and cookies and is working on her WSA & Azure Cloud Training


Josh Avolio

Service Desk Manager

Josh has been a drummer since his teens and is teaching himself to play guitar. He is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for Deploying Windows and Office.


Don Wickramatunga

Depot Service

Don turned down a civil engineering scholarship in Japan to come to Canada. Don implemented the first IBM Blade Servers testing rack in Canada using only scrap parts.


Adaobi Ani

Service Desk Specialist

Adaobi is passionate about learning and self improvement. She has extremely high user satisfaction ratings for quick, quality resolution and customer service.


Simon Burns

Director of Sales

Simon was born in England and moved to Canada on his tenth birthday. He started his career selling computers at Future Shop but declined a Store Manager position to make the jump to Managed


Kyle Trafton

Service Desk Specialist

Kyle loves to travel and his goal is to visit every country/state in North America. He is currently working on his Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certificate.


Michele Bertin

Purchasing Manager

Michele’s childhood pet was a monkey named Suzy. Michele keeps our receivables current and keeps an eye on costs for her employers and her customers.


Sarwar Hoque

Field Service Technician

Sarwar says that people remember his name by thinking of the movie Star Wars. His positive attitude is a force that is strong in this one.


Paul Cleary

Managing Partner

Paul grew up on a dairy farm and still gets up every morning at 5 a.m. looking for cows to milk. To handle a power surge issue in a data centre, Paul once took a jackhammer to a concrete floor while wearing a suit and tie.


Dan Gregoire

Senior Systems Engineer

Dan loves to play golf and poker. He started his IT career in software, then Y2K issues, and moved on to networking.


Jeet Guha

Field Service Technician

Jeet is a triathlete and boxer who is regularly recognized for his excellence in customer service as he commits himself to partnership with our clients.


Graham Daxon

Technical Lead

Graham is our Technical Lead and teaches computer science at Fleming College.


Gary Luther

Service Desk Analyst

Gary is training in WWF style pro-wrestling and in a previous role built a Point of Sales system from scratch.


John Lilly

Senior Sales Associate

Once hung out with Tony Danza. He once closed a $250k software deal with a Chinese manufacturer entirely remotely, thanks to his flawless demos.


Stijn Van Wymeersch

Service Desk Analyst

Stijn was born and raised in Belgum but moved to Canada in search of more opportunities to shovel snow. He’s been recognized for his IT excellence and Windows migration expertise all over Europe


Jamie Tollett

Dispatch Coordinator

Jamie loves the outdoors. She has a keen eye for process, having had the opportunity to work on national initiatives at her previous employer.