Working from home, working with Teams

Working from home, working with Teams

Working from home might be new to your team, or maybe it’s always been an option but now everyone’s doing it all the time. Using collaborative software can help you maintain internal communication and keep up a sense of togetherness while you’re apart.

At Horn, we use Microsoft Teams through Office 365 to keep our operations running smoothly at a distance. Teams lets us share files, chat about our projects and make visual plans for our workload. Each individual can customize their apps within Teams to reflect the work that they do and to help them work the way they like to work.

If you are using Office 365, you’ve already got access to Teams. To help you get started, we’ve put together a few resources that will provide training for your staff:

Teams at-a-glance for a quick and easy reference
Microsoft’s complete Teams guide
A video tutorial, to walk you through using Teams

If you haven’t got O365 yet you might consider making that change during this transitional time. O365 has no downtime risks when you’re not in your office, as it’s totally cloud based. It has built in two factor authentication to boost your security at a time when virtual risks are elevated, and you can access it from any device – even a smartphone browser. It’s easy for us to set you up remotely and it really helps keep everyone connected while you’re at a distance.

If you need support with keeping your Team on track while you’re working remote, please reach out. We’re here to help!