Protecting your Network while Working From Home

Protecting your Network while Working From Home

During this challenging time, it is essential that we all do what we can to protect our communities and ourselves. Allowing employees to work from home is one way that businesses can help to support social distancing, helping to reduce the spread of Covid 19. But there are some vulnerabilities that can be a result of allowing employees to work from home, and Horn wants to make sure that your business is protected.

Ideally you'd have a Remote Work Policy in place already, as well as a Remote User Agreement, but if you don't, we can help you out with a template you can circulate right away.

To ensure that employee connections are secure, particularly if you aren't using cloud-based applications, you'll need a VPN. Horn can set one up for you quickly and remotely - no need to us to access your premises or for you to go to your office, we can set you up from anywhere.

And to keep your team connected, your business can make use of Microsoft Teams - free with O365 and simple for us to manage.

If remote work is a new experience for your business, or you're not sure that you're totally secure, please reach out to Horn so that we can help to set you up.

To get you started, we will provide you with a free template for a Remote Work Policy that you can adapt to your specific needs. Download the editable template below and adapt them to your business as needed.  And if you haven't yet set up a VPN or collaborative software, please let me know, so we can get you set up right away.