Our Values in Action: Josh Avolio

Our Values in Action: Josh Avolio

At Horn our employees are committed to demonstrating our core values in their work every day. Each month, we'd like to highlight a member of our team who stands out. At Horn, our team is dependable, professional, customer centred, loyal, innovative and curious.

Josh is our Service Desk Manager, and has been with Horn since the beginning of his working life (Talk about loyalty!)

As well as making sure that our service desk provides excellent customer service to all of our clients, Josh can always be counted on to go the extra mile in a crisis. Of course, he’s handling managing our team remotely during the Covid 19 crisis with efficiency and professionalism, but he’s been there for all kinds of challenges, big and small, all along.

For example, in 2019 when one of our clients experienced a crypto-virus attack that required the singular attention of our senior technical team, we needed someone to handle project work beyond the scope of the service desk team.

We asked Josh if he could step up to the challenge, and he did in a major way. Josh immediately reached out to the customer, learned all about the project from our senior techs and took on the Active Directory work that needed to be done himself. He saw the work through, stayed in contact with the client and worked all the way to the finish line, providing the training that was needed to hand it over to their I.T. team.

Josh’s intervention ensured the customer was very satisfied with our services and our handling of the situation.

Not only do we have a satisfied customer, but one who now trusts that we have depth of personnel to assist with any of their IT issues, and are more than just a couple of faces. He knows he can rely on the Horn IT team to get the job done!

Thank you Josh!