Our Values in Action: Jeet Guha

Our Values in Action: Jeet Guha

At Horn our employees are committed to demonstrating our core values in their work every day. Each month, we'd like to highlight a member of our team who stands out. At Horn, our team is dependable, professional, customer centred, loyal, innovative and curious.

This month Jeet is our “Diamond” All Star. Jeet is embedded at our client Diamond Integrated Marketing, meaning that he's in their offices every day, providing on the ground support and representing Horn as a member of our team AND a member of their team.

Jeet provides excellent customer-centred support to Diamond end users, while also managing project work, research, and vendor/management/customer liaision roles. In fact, he's not just Horn's pick for excellence, he's also won our client's "Service Slayer" award for excellence too!

Jeet is always friendly and cheerful, and he is supportive of the whole Horn team. We all benefit from Jeet’s natural curiosity through his podcast recommendations, and his loyalty to his teammates – he is often boosting the good work of his Horn colleagues.

Jeet, thank you for your commitment to Horn’s core values, and for being such a great part of our team!