Horn IT announces strategic partnership with TNG Networks

Horn IT announces strategic partnership with TNG Networks

Horn IT Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that we have entered a strategic partnership with TNG Networks. TNG has been providing a broad range of IT services businesses in the GTA for over 17 years. On February 1st, 2017 Horn IT Solutions Inc. will become the sole provider of Managed Services to TNG’s customers.

In order to facilitate the smooth transition of support from TNG to Horn IT, Horn IT will be working closely with TNG Senior Management during the transition, as well as bringing on board one of TNG’s key technical personnel. This resource will remain the primary support resource for all former TNG Client’s while we work to integrate both he and them into the larger Horn support structure.

This is an exciting new opportunity for Horn IT and TNG Networks that will allow both companies to continue to work together and focus on their strengths in the technology industry.

More information about this partnership will be released as we move forward, but if you have any questions, please direct them to Graham Cleary, Operations Manager, Horn IT Solutions Inc. at gcleary@horn-it.com.

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