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Make sure your business' crucial information is protected, backed-up and recoverable in the case of a crisis.

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4 reasons you shouldn’t replace your aging server equipment

cloud collaboration software for small-medium business

As your business matures and grows, and your team expands, you may start to find that you are outgrowing your server equipment. Or perhaps the hardware you purchased when you were first getting started is starting to get reach the end of it ‘s lifespan. It might seem like the best thing to do is to contact a hardware reseller and replace your old equipment with something newer, faster, better.

But maybe you shouldn’ t replace it at all. Maybe you should lighten your load,

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File-sharing software from our partner Anchor. What is it and why do you need it?

We ‘ve partnered with Anchor to bring our cloud clients a simple, user-friendly file-sharing solution for their business data. If you’ re new to the cloud, file-sharing might be new for you too. Here are a few FAQs about file-sharing software, to help you understand how Anchor and Horn IT can make your business run more smoothly.
 Is file-sharing important?
File-sharing is the basis of any document management platform, and mobile file-sharing is an

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Introducing our partner: Anchor cloud collaboration software

At Horn IT Solutions, we strive to partner with companies that will bring our clients the very best solutions to their business data needs. That ‘s why we’ ve partnered with Anchor, a cloud collaboration software that makes working through the cloud simple and seamless. If you ‘ve moved, or your considering moving to the cloud, you should get to know Anchor.
Anchor Cloud Collaboration Software for Small to Medium Business and Enterprise

Anchor provides an easy way for your business to share and sync important data across multiple platforms, while keeping security a top priority. The dashboard allows administrators to keep strict policies based on your organizations needs.


File Access from Anywhere
Keep all of your data, whether it is presentations, spreadsheets, pictures, or other important files with you wherever you go. Freedom to work from smart phones, tablets, desktops, the web and laptops. Anytime a file is updated, be assured, it will be updated across all of your devices for universal file access.

Security Unmatched
Anchor offers military grade, 448-Bit Blowfish, encryption. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest in the cloud, with SSL to ensure secure data transfers. Anchor allows for two factor authentication for extra security measures.

Business Level Collaboration
It is easy to collaborate on files using Team Shares in Anchor. Multiple people can access and share a folder and its contents through phones, tablets, and machines. Anytime a file changes on your Team Share, everyone will get updated instantly on every device.

Share Files with Ease
Share files and folders with anyone, not just other Anchor users, with one click of the mouse. When sharing files with outside parties, you can add expiration dates, track downloads, and include messages. This feature is a great replacement for large email attachments and FTP.

Access Revisions & Deleted Files
Anchor keeps deleted and changed files. Easily download or restore deleted files or previous versions from as far back as you need. Revisions are a great way to go back in time.
Track Activity
Anchor’s Activity Log tracks when users add, delete, or change files. Know when colleagues have made changes to files in your shared folders, and restore previous versions or deleted files when need.
Don’ t Worry About Support
When using Anchor, you don’t have

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