Case Study: Horn IT Managed Services Provider

Case Study: Horn IT Managed Services Provider

You might not yet be familiar with all of the ways that a managed services provider can make your IT run smoothly at a price point that beats in-house and other outsourced options. The following is just a snap shot of the many services we provide to our happy clients.

The Client

Graywood Developments (GWD), a private investment management company based in Toronto that specializes in the development of exceptional real estate properties.

The Challenge

In 2012, Graywood Developments approached Horn to take over IT Management. They had a reactive, small in-house shop that wasn’t keeping up with GWD’s increasing needs for IT.

Additionally, GWD’s network was not set up with a strategic vision in mind, and had numerous operating systems and application versions running. Graywood needed a more proactive, managed approach to their IT so they came to Horn.

The Solution

Horn took over IT Management for Graywood and set about stabilizing their network. Within the first 30 days, Horn created and proposed an IT Roadmap for GWD that included upgrading their network operating systems and applications, virtualizing their servers to consolidate onto up to date hardware and migrate from an unreliable exchange instance to MS Office 365.

Horn did this while providing day to day IT support and management of all of their infrastructure, as well as providing project leadership and management on each road map item.

The Results

Horn continues to be Graywood’s trusted IT resource, serving as their single provider for IT support, procurement, management and planning.

Horn continues to provide GWD with strategic insight that allows them to have a best-in-class technology environment in the investment management sector. We average 4.9 out of 5 on our client satisfaction survey’s with Graywood, and have helped them through a network hardware upgrade at the 3yr mark, as well as a total office renovation. Horn sees itself as GWD’s partner in their continued success.