Layered Security: Security Assessment

Layered Security: Security Assessment

The final step in ensuring that your security strategy is water-tight, is in circling back around to look at the systems you have put in place and reinforce or adapt these systems as your business needs and pertinent threats change over time. Performing a security assessment or audit every year or two ensures that your security measures are never outdated, and that gaps that may have gone unnoticed are addressed.

Although you are likely to need to employ an outside organization to perform these assessments, the scope can be limited in order to keep costs low, while still ensuring that your security program is on track. Eventually performing a full audit and penetration test is advisable, but this step is best performed after a security program has been in place for a number of years.

Horn IT can provide a security assessment once your basic program is in place, or help you get started on the first stages of a full, seven layer security program. For a free consultation, call (888) 429-5177.

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