Layered Security: Device Hardening

Layered Security: Device Hardening

Device hardening is the process of setting up all of your systems with only the services that are essential to your business functions, and then testing those systems for vulnerability.

Every device that is used by employees for any business data should be hardened - servers, PCs, laptops, and mobile devices, which should also be encrypted.

This process, and follow up support and re-deploying is made easier by using imaging tools such as Microsoft MDT, WDS or SCCM, which ensures that configuration remains consistent across all devices. In addition to using imaging tools, change reporting should be thorough and complete. Horn recommends using OSSEC, SCCM or Carbon Black.

Horn can help you to harden your devices, as well as take you through all of the security steps leading up to this point. Give us a call at (888) 429-5177 to get our help. To learn more about a properly layered security system, subscribe to our newsletter below.

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