Backupify: Protect your Office 365 data

Backupify: Protect your Office 365 data

Not all of your O365 cloud data is protected.. until now, with Backupify!

You've switched to the cloud because you know that your business data is better protected in a cloud environment, and for the most part, that's true. But there are a few exceptions. Some Office 365 data is not archived in the cloud.

  • Inactive user data is not saved. If an employee account is deleted, so is their data, forever.
  • SharePoint administrators can delete data permanently, with no rollback option.
  • Previous versions of OneDrive documents are not recorded, so past iterations are lost as they are updated.

...and, OneDrive data is vulnerable to Ransomware attack. Without backups, you've got no safety net.

Luckily, Datto Backupify for O365 allows your business to effortlessly restore all of your historical data, single items, entire folders, and inactive user data with a simple one-click restore process. As your Datto provider, Horn IT can ensure that all of your Office 365 data is protected and accessible to your business permanently.

To ensure that your O365 data remains intact, archived and available, give us a call at (888) 429-5177 ext 3, or email and speak to Paul about how your O365 data can be protected.