Why you should upgrade to Windows 10 now

Why you should upgrade to Windows 10 now

Horn IT Solutions is advising our clients, friends and colleagues to make the free upgrade to Windows 10 while you can. If you upgrade before July 29, 2016, you get a full, free version – no trial, no catch.

Why make the switch?

It’s familiar and up-to-date

  • Same Start menu, task bar and desktop that you’ve been missing since the last version.
  • Live tile option helps you view what matters most, and can be disabled if it’s not your preference.
  • Your files and apps are in-tact and waiting for you.

It’s productive

  • Stay focused with easy ways to snap apps in place and optimize your screen space for getting things done.
  • See your open tasks in a single view and create virtual desktops to gain space or group tasks by project.

It’s fast, compatible and more secure

  • Windows 10 starts up 28% faster than Windows 7, resumes faster and comes with more security features.
  • Fully compatible with your existing software, hardware and peripherals.

Amazing new features

Packed with innovations like:

  • Cortana, a truly personal digital assistant
  • Microsoft Edge, an all new web browser.

Upgrading to Windows 10 is as simple as clicking a link, and can be done any time you’re ready. When you upgrade, you can also take advantage of Free Training Sessions: We have an arrangement to get training direct from Microsoft using Microsoft Training Staff at no additional cost to you! For assistance, give us a call at (888) 429-5177, or email info@horn-it.com and speak to one of our friendly service technicians.